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Pram Rings - Stroller hooks

Stroller rings

Stroller ring, Pram ring, or stroller hooks are handy colourful plastic stroller rings that can be used for many things. Kurtis stroller ring comes in many great fashion colours and we offer grey, pink, blue, black and purple. With Kurtis stroller rings you can easily attach your baby’s favorite toy, rattle or cuddly toy to the stroller or why not create a colourful chain of stroller rings in different colours? The stroller rings can also be used to attach your child’s comforter so you don’t loose it as easily. If you want a colourful touch to your pram curtain.

Swap your black stroller rings to colour

Of course you you can order coloured stroller rings here and switch the black ones, that comes with your pram curtain, for the favorite colour of your own choice. Kurtis stroller rings are made in Sweden and in premium quality, flexible and they don’t go out of shape when stretched. Naturally they are BPA-free!

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