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About us


Kurtis is AnnaJohanna Blom & Stellan Larsson and we are from Sweden. Our first child was born 2007 and with it came the birth of the idea of making a practical and good looking alternative to putting-a-blanket-over-the-hood solution most parents are familiar with. We founded the company Kurtis, named after our son Kurt, and after launching our first pram curtains in Sweden 2008 we now sell in over 20 countries worldwide.

Our products have a contemporary design with attitude. We offer an alternative to baby products with a traditional look. We see our customers as the individuals they are and not just as ”Parents”. We wanted to use the surface of the curtain for great graphic design that both parents and babies love.

Being a family business and maintaining the focus on quality and the love for the product has made Kurtis “Baby Peace” a must have for modern parent’s, and our international presence is growing. We are proud to be independent actors on the market, providing such a high quality product with Kurtis Pram curtain.